The Luminous Philosophy

This is the aphorisms of Emil Hjort, written for those who are initiated into the secret ways. Let a curse fall upon those who read this teaching and distorts its meaning.

The One is luminous consciousness. Eternal radiant bliss. A flame which burns in eternity, and which sheds its light on all things. In the shadow, everything evil festers and grows.

Out from the One came another. So it was done. It came to be a replica of the One, so that there should be two.

It should be imagined that this replica exists inside the One, and not outside it. This replica is the world.

Follow me like a captain following the North Star, and you shall gain self-knowledge, and when you have gained self-knowledge, I will give you the keys to the chains that bind you.

Set off, and make yourself acquainted with secret substances. It is inside your mind that the miracle will happen. You need not ask, only know that it shall be given.

The innermost secret is the concept of Ascension. The Spirit will fall down from the heavens, and your mind will be prolonged into new furious concepts.

Everything culminates at the right point in time. Then what once was shall be no more, and what is to come shall come in full fashion and without regards for the consequences.

Nothing which is seen as good in the eyes of our Lord will ever have an end, but what is displeasing shall surely perish.